Imam Kashim Urges President Tinubu to Prioritize Masses’ Welfare Amidst Economic Hardship

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In a impassioned Juma’at sermon, Chief Imam of Nasara Cinema Juma’at Mosque Lokoja, Imam Kashim Imam, called on President Ahmed Bola Tinubu to prioritize the welfare of Nigerians amidst the current economic challenges.


Imam Kashim emphasized that the president must act swiftly to address the suffering of Nigerians, who are struggling to make ends meet due to the harsh economic situation. He highlighted the need for good governance, cutting down on wasteful spending, and prioritizing security, agriculture, health, and education.


The Imam noted that the economic hardship has rendered many Nigerians unable to afford basic necessities, with millions going to bed hungry and many more struggling with joblessness and homelessness. He lamented the reckless spending of scarce resources by the Executive, Legislature, and Judiciary, citing the purchase of SUV cars for government officials and extravagant foreign trips as examples.

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Imam Kashim urged President Tinubu to engage in round-table discussions with political stakeholders to find solutions to the economic woes. He also called on state governors to prioritize the welfare of their people and implement people-friendly policies. Furthermore, he emphasized the need for lawmakers to attend to their constituencies’ needs, particularly in the face of economic hardship.


The Imam stressed the importance of developing the agricultural sector, improving healthcare and education, and addressing security concerns. He suggested engaging traditional institutions in development programs and organizing summits to address security and food security. Additionally, he urged the president to consider a living wage for civil servants, pensioners, and the jobless.

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Imam Kashim concluded by emphasizing the accountability of leaders to their people and the importance of upholding justice. He encouraged the electorate to vote their conscience during elections, ensuring that leaders prioritize the welfare of the masses.

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