Senator Ali Ndume kicks against establishment of State Police,says it will be abuse.

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A member of the Senate, Senator Ali Ndume has strongly opposed the establishment of a state Police in the country.

Senator Ndume said establishment of Police state will be abused given experiences on the ground.

Speaking on National Television monitored by Our Correspondent in Lokoja, Senator Ndume rather advocated that the Nigeria Police at present should be strengthened to bring about enhanced and effective policing of the country.

Ndume said his opposition to the establishment of state Police was a personal opinion, stating that if put on the floor of the Senate he will vote against it.

The Senator appealed to the Federal Government to recruit more into the Nigeria Police, maintaining that the ratio of police personnel to the populace according to international required standard was grossly inadequate at the moment in the country.

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According to him, emphasis should be placed on efficient policing of the entire citizenry, frowning at the situation where VIPs have countless Policemen in their possession at the detriment of the larger populace.

Senator Ndume also said similar recruitment exercise should be carried out in the Nigeria Army, adding that the current recruitment exercise into the Nigeria Police was commendable but emphasized the need for increase in numbers of recruits.

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