Tackling Nigeria’s insecurity crisis; A call to action for the Tinubu administration. By:Hussaini Abubakar

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Tackling Nigeria’s Insecurity Crisis: A Call to Action for the Tinubu Administration
By Husseini Abubàkar
Nigeria is grappling with a debilitating insecurity crisis that threatens the nation’s stability and citizens’ well-being. The Tinubu administration must acknowledge the gravity of this inherited crisis and take decisive action to address it.

To restore peace and stability, the government must strengthen security governance, modernize security infrastructure, and address the root causes of insecurity. This includes tackling poverty, unemployment, and social exclusion, as well as promoting community engagement and conflict resolution.

International cooperation and capacity building are also crucial in this fight. The government must collaborate with regional and global partners to share intelligence and best practices, and seek support for capacity building.

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Moreover, human rights and accountability must be prioritized. Security forces must adhere to human rights standards, and abuses must be investigated and prosecuted transparently.

The Tinubu administration has a historic opportunity to demonstrate leadership and vision in addressing Nigeria’s insecurity crisis. By taking bold steps to confront this challenge, the government can ensure a safer, more prosperous future for all Nigerians. The fate of Nigeria hangs in the balance, and decisive action is necessary to secure a better tomorrow.

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